Unipede - the workshop of unipede

the workshop of unipede

Welcome to the shop of new letters . Browsing through the shop, or reader-seeker, you will encounter things that are different from the usual, names changed right from the surfaces: the Involucri instead of the "old cover", a sign of a rethought literature, recreated in all its forms.
The shop of new letters - I want to say without false modesty - is unique. Small digital compartment, detached from the traditional editorial dependence as well as from the commercial channels of megastores, it keeps and distributes books written in the course of a lifetime by itself
Here the Wholeness of the Path is preserved, presented in all its variety of genres, styles, themes contained: from the first collections of poems and short stories to poems and narratives involved in excess such as trans-novels ; from the enigmatic-glaring aphorisms of the Rumors of the Genius to the hypertexts ; from the theatrodigital to the Layered-Writing or Stratiphony , a true module of writing and consciousness, with its expansion into the Audio layers in which the written support, the beloved E-book - the book overcoming paper and its centuries-old modules (the "Complesso di Brossura") - becomes a sound page, a song infused with music that is also original and digital.
The shop of the new letters is the container Vase of that seed hatched in the years of the pure and restless tendency of my youth to the highest Goals - which belong only to the realms of Art and Knowledge - developed year after year overcoming shocks, all kinds of relational baseness, working fears, placing secular psychic complexes under literary treatment, pushing beyond the ordinary and not only linguistic conventions, managing to remain faithful to the wild momentum and curves of creative inspiration, and to Study that brings knowledge, culture, immense source of ever-active Immortal Truths: the Inspiring Knowledge , in fact.
Looking back, from everything that now appears to me as a special miracle: a Destiny, this field of color and intensity has flourished, thickening year after year, sharp rhythms, anomalous perspectives, contemporary forms and emblematic meanings: a real neo - Grove of the Muses.
The shop of the new letters is a vision, a way rooted both to the historical sources (The Past and the innumerable legacies of him) and to the ocean of Utopia (that Future "of which an omen is already now" ).
It is the active ideal that he says and does in the name of a regenerated Dignity of Poetry and of the Poet, which has little or nothing to do with the current poetry-villa and the rhetoric of the best- seller or the atmospheres, tones, practices of the typical "cultural caregiver" and its formats based on the like, competition-blatant myths, educational-celebratory rhetoric.
The way inaugurated by the workshop of new letters is that of an Ancient Bearer, with his own eternal avant-garde kit, a place of production and synthesis, a marked difference, a deviation that is pride, the result of devotion without escape to “free poetic re-creation”: to the genius of writing. You won't find much more news about me. You well know, o reader-seeker, that the only curriculum for Poetry is what happened , the occurrence of the word itself: its being able to prove itself again thanks to your intervention.
What you are looking for is all in the texts and in the project called unipede .