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The audio videos created for the Gazzetta dello Sport speak of a possibility and perhaps a necessity of our time. Poetic prose voice classical or original music come together in a narrative whole that presses the sports news to become culture. Here are some examples concerning the two-wheeled motorsport racing.

altre collaborazioni

Grassetti, le corse il pilota e l’uomo.

Co-author and refiner of the text, the Grassetti novel marked a very special narrative and human experience: the re-encounter, through the long and careful work on the writing, with a truly unique person, the analyst-journalist Massimo Falcioni. With my father.


Puntoebook is a new publishing project in which maximum importance is given to the passage of the digital book and the dignity of the author. Dignity, yes.
It is the minimum that is required in the great journey of writing.
Instead, it is conscience and dignity that are very often teased.
In this new publishing project all the rights remain with the author as it should be, and as it unfortunately never is, what has led to the countless situations of Gatto and la Volpe that have dominated publishing for a long time.
In this new way of conceiving the book and the author, the book exists and does not require any signature by the writer - the book by law belongs to the writer and then the domain of humanity; no transfer of rights is required and therefore no percentage on the sale of the book.
More than "a publishing house" it is an active craft center to build the new book as accurately as possible, putting it in a position to be perfect in everything and ready to make his own way.
Taking care of the texts as much as possible for independent authors means offering a refinement service to a truly free and fairer culture.