Unipede - from the cover to the wrapping

from the cover to the wrapping

unipede is a self-propelled, strategic programme: it calibrates, preserves and diffuses by itself all discoveries, no title is excluded. From the simplest or most traditional inventions to the most unscrupulous and complex ones, unipede’s poetic way of producing e-books is without any ‘ism’ but has almost playful nicknames, such as "involution" "excess" "builder”, allowing two of the most fundamental of principles to join together: the entirety of the inner journey and reality: so long as the unpredictable developments of the work can be - in this project always open - connected as much as possible to the gifts of inspiration and to branches of research in and for itself, available to the public at all hours on the internet, according to the direct and immediate standards of downloading of a normal e-commerce site.

…It doesn’t happen in every era. It happened with papyrus and then with Gutenberg, and it is happening now, in the new millennium that we are experiencing first-hand. It is not therefore something to be taken lightly , as if it were just a fashion or a matter of custom: because the change in the destiny of the written word goes directly to the very core of the human being. For this reason, the e-book stimulates one to use at all levels– not in a rhetoric way but almost with severity and fear - the most appropriate word for all that breaks the rules bringing renovation, change that regenerates, nothing more than the very same foundations which were always worn out to say the least: the word "new". The e-book is clearly the "new" thing: new because right from the single page change small gestures such as turning the pages and the mental processes of reading which we were accustomed to for centuries; new because it allows a distribution system and the presence of the texts to be completely articulated, with potential for independence and guarantees of a text’s truthfulness, that was unthinkable ten years or so ago; new because from the powers of the virtual engine, the social field expands, allowing for new species of creations and of setting in motion a whole series of cultural combinations and entirely new interconnected works; new because with the e-book a circle of the renewal of the written word is closed, now the word has its complex instrument: the computer, which allows one to create like never before, and the classic word, together with this new one, have the appropriate format: the electronic book, that promises, by exciting dormant desires, to let us venture towards something more, the yearning to continue reading. .
Erroneously associated in this phase as a less demanding form of literature, the e-book is the exact opposite: it is a project, perhaps with its destiny to be the mediator in the new era, of the greatest and oldest importance: giving life, knowledge, energy, the soul through real research in poetry and prose.

In all this, the dear old book, relieved from being the only guardian of human knowledge, can perceive its limits and return to show us the purest of truths: that is the text, the core, nothing more; not the shape of the paper but the strength of the word...the text and all that emerges from it... The rest weighs (and attracts) as an "obsession for the printed version", that fetish of Western history that seems to be starting to heal with this leap forward... The books on the bonfires, report cards and in the backpacks, those books used as furnishings and those in the abandoned storerooms, the books of illusory success and illusory failure, on dependencies and about celebrations, the tomes of law; the dedications of approval and authority with which creative excess (genius) that was made up of words and that became tragic, confined and complacent: they all have a rejuvenating possibility.. The historical book compared "to the other" on the contrary does not seem destined to disappear but rather to exist in a new and even matured way - our clearly beloved, in an almost carnal way, paper version... But the e-book looks to the future - it is the future. It is the jewel of freedom, the next step in a dawning era..

To keep up the pace, the look of the e-book has been refreshed, the whole design: no cover, codes, quotes, only wrapping - and the text..
The epub is succinct; unipede is the alchemy of new beginnings.