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In the synthesis between publishing and self-publishing, unipede recreates the era of the artistic workshop. The research literature combines with the practice of a technological craft. The team that works with unipede forms an ensemble which plays a dynamic role in the workshop.

A virtual shop founded on digital has neither the weights of the paper kingdom nor the editorial constraints.
Distribution acts ubiquitous spaces, territories are tested in a link. With the short story Diary of a Constraint , the collaboration with the American translator-interpreter Judith Rust begins. Thanks to Judy, the book Before being poetry , before being poetry has been translated, both ebook and audiobook with music composed and performed with the new prodigious potential of digital orchestrations.

Far beyond the common proofreader, well beyond the concept of reader, Lorenzo Muzzi's constant intervention was for almost twenty years a passionate and indispensable part of that development based on respect and knowledge of the surplus language.
Hence the term "refiner" was born. ... Dear, dear great friend Lorenzo! without you, without your conscience and your charisma, true artist of the voice, artist in the purest almost untraceable sense of the term, true seeker, my friend, without you unipede probably would have remained an unattainable dream.
You, titan as you were, taught me courage, in many ways you encouraged me to continue the arduous poetic journey. I keep our memories, all of them, continually resolving the mind - in Spain, in Portugal where you read with a thread of sweat that ran through your temples my texts translated into Portuguese, and in Belgium, how many events! or traveling around Italy, and here at my house, or in "your" theaters where you sang the infinite operas as a bass-baritone, you, always present to refine the lyrics, in the summer meeting us halfway or concentrating outside, in the open, surrounded by friendly nature, with two computers - ah! the deep, very profound speeches, your pungent play down, and the intuitions that came from nowhere that surprised us by making us become aware of many things, refining our thoughts ourselves - forever the image in the memory that does not die of this bond will remain and of this memorable friendship because it is founded on something precious, that is on the affinity of Mete, on the literature on music, on the love for intelligences, on the need, on the desire for something more, for an earthly existence based not on who knows what heroic enterprise nor on the normal adaptation: but on the Gesture of the Soul, on knowing, interpreting in the best possible way and creating in the best possible way: "the two orpheus" as you told me.
The last time we met, it was on the two days of the garden festival - and you were surprised but not too surprised to see people wearing headphones as planned, listening to the digital songs and participating in this unprecedented poetic performance. The first thing you did when arriving from Trento to the hills of Pesaro, in that sunny late afternoon in June, was to put on the uniped shirt as you often did to spread ebooks, and also wander around the vast garden, and then retreat to your eyes. semi-closed.
I remember the first unipede ebook sold years before through social networks: it was exciting for both of us, it marked that something we really believed was happening, freedom, disengagement from powers and all that practice of petty rhetorical idealizations and servility dominating in every area of ​​the so-called high culture, typical of what you too enjoyed calling the Paperback Complex, while in fact a new time, a paradigm shift unfolded in that immaterial book downloaded from the shop.
Great, great, great Lorenzo! You. the inhuman singer, master of breathing - Muzasoffista! Unconventional Titan, eternal friend and my only true reader! Protect it from above, if you can, unipede, now, that you are a voice in the cosmos, continue to refine what you believed in, from your eternal reality that I imagine filled with music.

Lorenzo Muzzi and Massimiliano Falcioni Lorenzo Muzzi Lorenzo Muzzi Lorenzo Muzzi Lorenzo Muzzi

The autonomy of a literary workshop is something other than self-sufficiency: it is a creation of more levels of interaction. Unipede works within the cultural speciation occurring in the new millennium. New professions are born in connection to the ebook. The social field itself is widened through the vendors of the workshop. The vendors’ range is expanded to include territories online as well as their traditional geographical regions.

It’s about computer science up-to-date with our new digital era. It is a creative management starting from the graphic interface. The downloading of unipede ebooks is the exemplification of the detailed work done for the benefit of those taking their first steps into the world of the new economies, making it easy and safe to use.

the circle

Every unipede passes through trustworthy eyes. A circle of artists and others finds a refreshing and deepening of ideas: each in his turn engenders the expansion of unipede. The faithfulness of unipede to its own dictates is the guarantee offered to its base.

Social networks

The workshop is involved in this new kind of social relatedness. The social network is an exploration of forms of communication including both the individualization and capillarization of content. The utopia of unipede, beyond any theory of prediction, grows within the unforeseeable spaces of niches and individuals. The laws of desire make the new events plausible.